Stocking Stuffers For Your Beauty Lovers

  This time of the year we enjoy-- and in some cases, fret over-- the prospect of shopping for our loved ones! Sometimes it can be tricky to find the right gifts, so if you're pondering over what to get the lovely ladies in your life, we've got you covered! Here are SOHO Lashes' top five picks for the ideal stocking stuffers!   1: Beauty Blender BBF Beauty blender is a great gift any time of the year, but the uniquely adorable packaging of the BBF makes this gift perfect … [Read more...]

Style Essentials: Back-To-School Staples

For most of our college girls, school is already back in session. And for our younger beauty lovers, school is just around the corner! Just like with every big event, season, or holiday, the start of school brings new trends and its own set of must-haves. We decided to share with you our own list of back-to-school style essentials in makeup, skincare, hair, and fashion! Hair: Banana ClipsI know more than anyone how hard it can be to get up early for that first-thing-in-the-morning class. Often … [Read more...]

SOHO Lashes Look Book: Kristin

We recently had the pleasure of doing a makeover on Kristin, pictured below, and wanted to share with you the step-by-step process of creating her makeup look!     Kristin naturally has amazing skin, due to her faithful skincare routine that leaves her with a smooth, texture-free canvas. In spite of this, her skin was a little on the dry side, so we decided to give it the extra hydration it was craving with the Mario Badescu Moisture Magnet with SPF 17. (FYI: With the sun … [Read more...]

Drugstore Makeup Favorites!

Kim Kardashian's wedding day makeup was the talk of the town for quite some time in makeup world. Mario Dedivanovic revealed the products used on the socialite, and among them was a product you can find at your nearest drugstore: L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Extraordinaire Liquid Lip Colour. The particular shade? "Nude Ballet". Hearing this made us wonder what other drugstore beauty products celebrity makeup artists use for their hollywood clientele, so we did a little digging and found two … [Read more...]

SOHO Lashes Loves The Beauty Blender Pro!

 Everyone is familiar with this image. The classic pink sponge. A SOHO Lashes favorite! The original pink Beauty Blender is popular among makeup artists and it's not uncommon to see countless pink sponges glittering the makeup tables for red carpet events and fashion shows. Or at least, that's what you used to see.   Not too long ago, the creators of Beauty Blender decided that it was time for something new: They've come out with black and white versions of the classic sponge, … [Read more...]

Protect Your Skin This Summer!

  If the last couple of weeks is any testament, this summer is full of promise to be a true scorcher. And while summer is usually synonymous with the word "tan", think twice before you decide to spend a few hours a day "baking" in the sun.   There are a lot of longterm disadvantages to sunbathing in comparison to its one temporary advantage: -Aged skin, as the overexposure to sun leads to elastic tissues in your skin to break down -Sun-caused freckles -Sunburn and, in extreme … [Read more...]

The Perfect Red Lip

I absolutely love a good red lip. I believe it truly has the power to transform a woman. My every day look leaves me feeling innocent and girly, but when I wear that red lipstick.... I am a woman. Alluring. Confident. Bold. And sexy. I love it! And I am probably one of countless women who can appreciate the magic confidence boost a red lip can provide. The fact is: Everybody loves red lips! Save for a few who may feel that red is too bright or that they simply can't pull off the color. But I … [Read more...]

5 Summer Events You Can Wear Your Eyelashes To

It's the most wonderful time of the year.... That's right, summer is upon us once again! And after an unforgiving winter, we are all looking forward to soaking up the sun and everything that comes with it. But we ladies know the deal: with added heat usually comes subtracted makeup. Nobody wants to clog up their face with too much in the hot summer sun, as it tends to melt off (or get splashed off at the beach!) Nonetheless, we ARE women, and we do want to look effortlessly … [Read more...]

How To: Blend Eyeshadow Properly

I see pictures like this all over the web. So do you. We, collectively, see these eyeshadow looks constantly. And our thoughts are generally, "Wow, that eyeshadow looks amazing!" But why? Why are we so impressed with what the eyes look like closed? Are you going to replicate the look and walk around with your eyes closed all day so that everyone can see the beautiful transition from brown to gold? Of course you aren't; You'd run into stuff all day! We go about our daily routines with our … [Read more...]

Strip Lashes Provide The Perfect Drama For Special Occasions!

Look at the photograph of this woman. The two sides of her face are very different. What is the difference you say? You might describe the difference by saying that, on one side, the woman looks more tired. Or on one side, her eye looks more intense. You could even say that on one side, she looks more feminine, or more inviting. However you describe it, there's no denying that the enhancement of one's eyelashes makes a world of difference. Now, at SOHO Lashes we offer two types of eyelash … [Read more...]