Everyone has one; How will you solve yours?

I’m thinking of an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond. Maybe you’ve seen it. It’s the one where Ray Barone discovers that he’s shrinking in height, freaks out from the realization that he is officially over the hill, and writes a list of things to do before he dies. The classic case of a mid-life crisis. Ray’s loving wife Deborah sees the bucket list, realizes what’s happening and reveals to her husband that she’s already had her mid-life crisis– and found a solution. Her problem was realizing that her hands weren’t as smooth as they were in her youth, and her simple solution was hand cream!

The reason why my mind is currently on this episode is because I’ve recently begun to notice something about the clients here at SOHO Lashes. Well, a majority of them. We recently posted a deal on a coupon website and, before the deal closed, I had the opportunity to look at the break-down of each age bracket and what percentage of each of those age brackets were keen to invest in our services. And out of 103 deals bought, 70% were purchased by women over the age of 35, while only 30% of the buyers were under age 35.

Our existing clients who we see here at SOHO Lashes on a daily basis reflects those stats. Upon first learning about eyelash extensions, I immediately envisioned all the local debutant-esque twenty-somethings flocking to our services. And while we do get quite a few young faces, we get more thirty-somethings, forty-somethings, even fifty-somethings (although you’d never be able to tell) coming through our door. Now why is that?

When you think of lash extensions, who do you picture wearing them? Probably young models or celebrities, whose images usually depend on the kind of glamour that lash extensions offer. So perhaps older women are turning to lash extensions as a means of retaining a bit of that youthful beauty, to serve as their own solution to a mid-life crisis.

Let’s face it; we’re all going to come to a point in life in which we will be hit with the staggering realization that we are waning in years, no longer the vision of youth that we once were. And we’ll all do different things to handle that realization, because different things will trigger the crisis. This, of course, begs the question “What is your midlife crisis?” And more importantly, could eyelash extensions be the answer?

It certainly seems to be the answer for quite a few of our clients. Had some of these gracefully aged ladies not mentioned the magic number, I never would’ve known their ages because they simply don’t show through. Maybe the lash extensions don’t single-handedly reverse the effects of time, but I do think they help significantly. Emphasis on your lashes in general can make your eyes appear wider, giving you a more youthful look, and our extenions add a brightness to the face that is sure to make any woman feel young again, as beautiful as she was at age 18, and the confidence they give alone could send you time-traveling back to your younger years.

With that said, I highly recommend you step away from your mid-life crisis and give a wisdom-infused wink to your mid-life solution!

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