Product Spot Light: Sara Happ’s Lip Slip & Scrub

Sara Happ’s lip scrub and lip slip combine to give you wonderfully exfoliated, soft, and moisturized lips. How do we know it works? Aside from the fact that luscious lip owners like Angelina Jolie and Jessica Alba use it, we’ve tried it ourselves!

Personally, as a beauty newbie, I’m used to my old standby: Carmex chap stick, but I couldn’t help but be impressed when I felt my lips after using Sara Happ’s lip scrub. You apply a decent amount (enough to cover both lips from corner to corner) and rub it into your lips in soft, circular motions. This helps to remove any dead skin, exposing the new, fresh skin. Plus it tastes great! The lip Scrub comes in Brown Sugar, Creme Brulee, Vanilla Bean, and Black Velvet Cherry, all with all-natural ingredients found in your kitchen! So it’s totally okay if you wipe most of it off with a tissue after applying and lick the remaining sugar crystals off.

Follow up the scrub with the slip for a winning combination. One benefit of the lip slip is that it’s basically a balm, but without that icky waxy feeling. With most balms, it mostly just feels like the stuff’s sitting on top of your lips, not doing much. With the lip slip, it goes on like honey, and you can actually feel your lips absorbing the balm, really locking in moisture and keeping your lips soft and crack-free all day long. It goes on sheer, with just enough shimmer to give your newly lush lips the attention thy deserve.

Of course, you absolutely shouldn’t take my word for it (or Oprah’s). So the next time you’re in SOHO, try out one our testers and see for yourself!

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