Lash Extensions: Til Death Do They Part

You’ve told yourself for weeks now that you wouldn’t cry. You have prepared your psyche in every way possible for what is to come and, what’s more, you had yourself a good, precautionary cry the day before. But now, as you stand arm-in-arm with your father, donned in the most beautiful, lacy white dress you have ever laid your eyes on, staring down a long aisle past a crowd of awed admirers to your beaming groom-to-be, and your defenses are helpless. As emotion gets the best of you, tears escape your eyes and make their watery way down your face.

Oh no. Your mascara. You don’t need a compact to know it must be running down the stream. Crap. People are going to be recording these next moments. You are about to recite your vows to your husband as he looks into your beautiful, mascara-streaked eyes. And the wedding photos! They haven’t even been taken yet, that was to be saved for just before the reception! Oh, no. What was going to be the most magical day of your life is now tainted by a watery black stream. In your panicked thoughts, you’ve stopped walking, and your dad, still proudly making his way forward and still very much attached to your arm, unintentionally jerks you forward, causing you to tumble face-first onto the carpeted aisle. You hear an ominous, lacy rip, and suddenly the crowd of awed admirers turns into an angry hoard of mascara wands, laughing and jeering as they close in on you and point their charred tips at your beautiful white dress–

Wake up. If you are lucky, this was just a dream. Unfortunately, this can be reality for the occasional bride, perhaps minus the evil walking mascara wands. It is every bride-to-be’s worst nightmare for something to go wrong on her special day, even something as seemingly miniscule as mascara running. And on such an emotional, tear-producing day, if you don’t take the correct precautions, it could very well happen.

Luckily for you, there are eyelash extensions. Allow me to explain why eyelash extensions are an absolute must-have for your wedding day.

Number one, and probably most significant: Cry all you want. Tears have very little effect on the rest of your make-up in comparison to the damage it can do when combined with mascara/liner. With extensions, neither are necessary, but give a similar, if not nicer, effect.

Number two: Give those professional wedding photos some flair. Even with the addition of mascara, natural lashes do not always show up well on camera, which can result in your lids looking somewhat bald or sparse in pictures. Extensions are long and thick enough that they show beautifully on camera, and your photographer can get as close as he wants without the picture picking up any trace of the extensions, as they are applied so closely to the hair follicles.

Number three: A natural bride look. Most brides will want their make-up to look like they are literally radiating  natural beauty. Mascara, even when applied by pros, can be grainy and noticeable. Extensions are smooth, shiny, and applied strand by strand with great precision, so that they look as natural as your own lashes.

Number four: Standing out in the crowd. As if your dress– and the fact that your own joy seems to be emitting a luminescent glow from within– didn’t already do it, extensions will ensure that no woman (bridesmaid, groom’s ex girlfriend, or otherwise) upstages you on your day.

Number five: Be honeymoon ready. The grand ceremony is over, but you’ve still got the honeymoon in whatever tropical island you’ve always wanted to visit to think about. Pictures will undoubtedly be taken, and you’ll want to look gorgeous as you take off on adventure with your now-husband. Extensions will give you an easy flawless look that you can take with you in the beautiful island water as you jet-ski and snorkel the days away, because they are water-resistent.

Really, do you need another reason to book an appointment for that big day? Don’t choose a runny mascara that will have you or your prospective groom fleeing the alter. Opt for the extensions that will give you the confidence to glide down that carpeted walkway with a confidence strong enough to intimidate Angelina Jolie. 😉

-Olivia C.

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