Interview With a SOHO Client

I work at an eyelash boutique. Here, we offer eyelash extensions (among other things) as a provided service. Quite technically speaking, it is my job to sell the products and services that we offer. With that being said, dear reader, it is understandable if you might find anything I say on the company blog to be a bit, well, um, biased.

I’d like to take this time to assure you that, after having done newspaper writing for a consecutive three years, it is embedded in my brain to give my most objective writing to the public. Scout’s honor. I can understand, however, if my word is not enough, so today I have decided to offer you the view of a non-employee who has experienced these lashes and what they really have to offer. Theresa Bonnani is a current client at SOHO, who has been coming every two weeks for some time to get her fix of lash extensions. Just before an appointment I decided to ask her a few questions about extensions and their relevence to her everyday life, and here’s what she said.

ME: So how long have you been getting your eyelash extensions done?

THERESA: About 11 months, so almost a year now.

M: How have they impacted your daily beauty regimen?

T: It takes much less time getting ready because you don’t have to do as much. Which is really convenient if company shows up unexpectedly, because you’re prepared.

M: What are your three beauty must-haves?

T: Does it have to be makeup?

M: Not specifically.

T: Well moisturizer, number one. Then my lash extensions, then a blowdryer.

M:How did you first hear about lash extensions?

T: It was on an airplane. My friend and I noticed this woman asleep in her seat, and we were infatuated with her eyelashes! We were peeking at them while she was asleep, and when she woke up we started asking her questions. She told us that they were Xtreme lashes—turns out she’d gotten them done for a wedding.

M: Favorite thing to do after getting your eyelash extensions done?

T: Go out. Everyone always gives me the twenty questions: “You look different! Did you cut your hair? What’s different?”

M: What do you think you’d be doing for your eyes if not for eyelash extensions?

T: Mascara, even though it takes so long and is such an ordeal to take off at night. And in the long run that can’t possibly be good for your eyes, the constant rubbing with mascara.

M: Ever done clusters or strips?

T: No, there’s always so much with those that you can tell that they’re false.

And Theresa’s final words:  “For the price? As long as you keep them up, they’re worth it.”

Blibk blink wink!

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