How To: Fight the Physical Side Effects of Being Sick

Cold weather got you down? Well no worries; You’re not alone!

I can’t help but notice that everyone around me (myself included) has been dropping like flies, struck by the flu or some stomach virus or even just a bad common cold. Well aside from taking your vitamins and getting plenty of shut-eye, I have a few tips on overcoming the negative effects that these ailments can lead to! This is my guide on how to go from zombie to hottie!

First thing’s first: OJ.

Orange-JuiceNot only is the Vitamin C in orange juice extremely great for your body when you’re under the weather, it’s also great for your skin! Vitamin C will help to brighten your skin, which you will need when you are sick and looking a little paler than usual. And don’t forget: the more pulp, the better!

Next up: Eyes.

Now I don’t know about you all, but when I’m sick my eyes tend to look glossed over and dull. Lots of people have reddish or yellowish tints to their eyes too, which is generally a dead giveaway that you’re either sick or lacking in sleep. Probably both. There are a few ways to combat this. To brighten the whites of your eyes, use either a white or peach eyeliner right on your waterline. This will automatically make your eyes look bigger and whiter, giving you an overall healthier appearance.

For Under The Eyes: Concealer, Concealer, Concealer!

dark-circles-under-eyesAny time you’re sick there’s a darker tinge to your under-eye area, and without that concealed, you’ll constantly look worse for the wear. I recommend using a cream-based concealer for maximum coverage. Apply it just under the eye and blend it up to the inner corner of the eye as well as out to just over the cheekbone, which will brighten the eye and add a natural highlight right under it. Remember, when you’re sick there may be a lot of shadow on your face so bringing light to as many areas as possible will help you look more revitalized.

Onto The Cheeks: Bronzers And Warm Blushes.

Foundation alone with no added color, whether you’re sick as a pup or healthy as a horse, can make you look tired. Adding color to the cheeks can warm up your skin, or give it a natural-looking flush, which makes you look awake and vibrant. Bronzing powder or liquid can accomplish this beautifully. If you’re more of a blush girl and you’re sick, I’d recommend staying away from unnaturally pink or bold shades, as this may end up being counter-productive. Remember, when you’re sick the goal is to make yourself look as natural as possible. If you already look tired and decide to use a bright bubblegum pink blush, chances are you’ll still look like the Corpse Bride, just with rosier cheeks. For blush go for a warmer tone, like something closer to coral.

And Lastly, Lips: Exfoliating Is Your Best Friend!

Most often during the winter, our lips can get pretty dry and chapped, and chapstick becomes our right-hand man. But sometimes even chapstick can’t combat flu-related dehydration! The obvious first step would be to HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE! H2O will be your best friend when you are sick. But while you’re waiting to recover, don’t just grease up the dead lip skin, exfoliate it! Use a lip scrub nightly to get off any dead skin and restore a smooth texture. Our favorite healthy lips products are Sara Happ’s Lip Scrub and Lip Slip. Aside from the great taste from the sugar, the scrub not only exfoliates but hydrates your lips with grape seed oil and jojoba seed oil. Follow up with the lip slip to lock in and retain the moisture for a true lip therapy.

So whether you’re back to work or just to the grocery store for more soup, hopefully these tips will help you look your best when you’re feeling your worst! Questions or additional tips? Please leave them in the comments below!


  1. Definitely agree with all of these! Nothing makes me feel better than orange juice and some blush to liven up the ghostly pale I become when I’m sick. Nice post!

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