A Night Out With SOHO: Evening Looks for Valentine’s Day

Whether it’s an I-Hate-Men party, a steamy evening with your beau, or a celebration of love amongst friends, you’ll want to look your best for the occasion! One of the Makeup artists at SOHO Lashes decided to create two versatile evening looks for any skin tone to shine for any event! Read on to see products used, as well as key tricks used in the process of creating these flawless evening looks!

both before after official

First up is skincare. We used Stila’s 5-step cleansing kit, complete with a gentle cleanser, exfoliating scrub, toner, brightening serum, and moisturizer.

VERY IMPORTANT: skincare should always be your first step, as your skin is the canvas for the makeup, and the canvas should be clean and healthy! Remember, makeup is only meant to be used to enhance the beauty that you naturally have, so don’t rely on it to correct flaws! Leave that to your skincare 😉

Next Up: Eyes. By the way, since this is a very dark and dramatic eye look, to avoid mess with the foundation we did the eyes first (And we recommend you do too!).

Tip: When using more than one eyeshadow for your eyes, never use all shimmer or satin shadows as too much shimmer will wash out the overall color. Adding in a matte shadow will help keep the intensity of the look, especially with this smokey eye.

To hold the eye shadow and intensify the color, we used Stila Smudge Pot in “Black Cat” as a base, applying to the lower lid and blending the edges. We used Stila Eyeshadow in “Black diamond” ontop of the base to give the lid a shimmery pop. In the crease we applied a matte color, Stila’s  Ebony. To complete the lid we applied the Stila Sparkle Liquid Liner in Black to the top and bottom lash line. To make the brow pop, we filled them in with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in “Brunette”. We followed up by applying the “Sand” portion highlighter of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Duality in Camille/Sand to the brow bone. We finished up the eyes with Stila’s Major Major mascara and Lash Royalty’s “Marquesa” strip lashes.

Next: Foundation. We used Eve Pearl Dual Cream Foundation in Light and blended with a dampened Beauty Blender sponge. Cream foundations offer the best coverage to really  sculpt the face into a flawless look to help accent the eyes.

Tip: For air-brushed quality blending, use the Beauty Blender. No bristles means no stroke lines! Plus you can control how much coverage your skin gets by using the sponge damp or dry (dry will absorb more of the product for less coverage, damp will absorb less for more coverage).

Dual-toned foundation is also excellent for natural highlighting and contouring of the places where light and shadow normally hits the face. We followed up with a cream blush, Stila’s Dual Cheek And Lip cream in Rose. Using cream on cream makes for an effortless, smooth blend.

Tip: Many are scared of the red lip for fear of the color bleeding, smearing, or leaving a generally messy appearance. Using a long-wear lip liner can not only give your lips the definition they need for bolder colors, but can also help in holding the color in place to prevent bleeding or smearing. An easy extra trick for achieving a lipstick effect would be to fill the lips in entirely with the lip liner for a completely matte look, and adding a light coat of pigmented gloss for a subtle sheen.

Finishing the look: Lips. As a part of the prepping process, we exfoliated the client’s lips with a Sara Happ Lip Scrub and moisturized with a Sara Happ Lip Slip before doing any makeup. At this point in the makeup process we removed the Lip Slip. This assured that the lip color would go on smoothly. To really make this a classic smokey look, we decided on a bold red lip. We used Stila’s Long Wear Lip Liner in Passionate to line the lips and fill them in. We then followed up with Stila’s opaque Lip Enamel Luxe Gloss in Joy.

jackie before and after

The Client: 30’s-50’s
The Look: A warm cheek and lip with a subtle eye-pop
The Occasion: A romantic dinner with the hubby or even a cocktail party with your closest friends and colleagues!

This look is mainly about perfecting and warming the skin, so let that be your focus here. The tools you use to apply and blend your foundation will be crucial.

First used: Primer. For this client we wanted a correcting primer to put on before the foundation to even out some of the redness in her skin.

First Used: Stila's One-Step Correct Serum, a multipurpose primer. The green reduces redness and the lavender eliminates sallow undertones while the peach brightens and illuminates, which is good for sun spots or dark under-eye circles.

For best results with problem skin, use a corrective primer. Stila’s One-Step Correct Serum is a multipurpose primer that we used on Jackie. The green reduces redness and the lavender eliminates sallow undertones while the peach brightens and illuminates, which is good for sun spots or dark under-eye circles.

Tip: To give your eyes the ultimate definition, use a black liner directly on the waterline and “tightline” the eyes. Make sure you use one that’ll last, though; the moisture from your eyes can wash it away pretty quickly if you use the wrong one!

Next up: Eyes. This client has deep-set eyes so we wanted to stay light in color or the eyeshadow, and line the eyes completely to bring out the eyes and give off a more sultry look. With aged skin you want to try and stay away from shimmer altogether where you can, so we used a matte base, Stila’s Taffy smudge pot, followed by Puppy, a dark beige matte shadow also by Stila. We used Stila’s Intense Black Liquid liner on the top lid, applying very closely to the lashes and followed up with Stila’s Ebony Eye Shadow. On the bottom lash line we used Stila’s Smudge Stick in Stingray, going only about halfway in and lining the waterline with a softer black eyeliner, Stila’s Kajal Eye Liner in Onyx.

Next up: Foundation. To give the client’s skin a really good glow, we decided

Want to give yourself a monochromatic look? Eliminate the time and worry of finding a matching or complimentary blush with your lipstick and use the same product for both! Stila’s Dual Lip and Cheek Cream is just one example of cosmetics that could be used for both the cheek and lip, although stila’s product has been named best cream blush for the last 8 years, so it must be pretty effective! This is a good way to pull your look together without doing too much work.

to use Stila’s Illuminating Liquid Foundation, which gives a build-able coverage and light-reflecting particles that give the face a naturally beautiful shine. We followed up with a liquid concealer underneath the eyes and blended out toward the temples to give a natural highlight effect. Next we used a warm cream blush ( Stila’s Dual Lip and Cheek Cream in Rose) to help dress up the look and give it more of an evening appeal. Finally we applied a Stila Pressed Powder to mute down the blush, making it look more like a natural rosy flush and to tone down the illuminating foundation and highlighted areas, giving the client’s skin a glow-from-within effect.

Finishing up the look: Lips. We decided to keep the warm and rosy going with the lips, so we held onto the Dual Lip and Cheek Cream from Stila. Since it’s such a creamy lip product, we wanted to make sure to first apply something to ensure it would hold in place and last for a longer time. We first applied Stila’s Long Wear Lip Pencil in Passionate to the lip line and filled out the entire lip, and followed up with the Lip and Cheek Cream in Rose. The combination provided a nice, deeper red for a more mature look.

The end result? Two happy clients ready for two different scenarios!

The end result? Two happy clients ready for two different scenarios!

Tell us, what look will you be going for this Valentine’s Day? Leave your answers in the comments below!

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