Velour Lashes: The “It” Strips

Let’s face it: eyelash extensions, while a wonderfully natural-looking alternative to false lash enhancement, are not for everyone. You may have naturally sparse lashes and might not get the full effect you desire with lash extensions. Maybe you prefer a more exaggerated drama in your lashes. Or maybe you only want any kind of false lash application for special occasions/projects and not for every day. If any of these reasons apply to you, then strip lashes are probably right for you.

But it can be so hard to find a good quality strip lash because, when it comes to matters of the eyes, you truly get what you pay for. Eyes are the focal point of your face, and you want every aspect of them to shine. You wouldn’t want them to look like this:


You don’t want strips that are all one length, and are overly thick, because they can end up looking like black curtains on your eyelids. Not a flattering look.

Mink lashes can offer drama while still appearing real. Being that 100% real mink fur is used, the mink strips give off a natural luster and bounce that most synthetic strips cannot duplicate. Here’s a perfect example of how mink lashes can give you an almost natural-appearing drama:

Possibly the most popular of the mink lash trade are Velour Lashes, commonly seen on the lids of a few stars of the entertainment industry. Most notable of Velour Lashes’ celebrity fans is songstress Beyonce Knowles. Not too long ago, Knowles’ makeup artist Wei Lang opened up with NY Mag’s The Cut about Beyonce’s every day makeup, and noted that she buys Velour Lashes’ “Those Real?” strips by the ton!


So are you in search of the strips for the stars? Or just want a really nice quality strip lash? Check out Velour Lashes, sold here at SOHO Lashes!

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