Bright Color Trends in Summer Makeup


We’ve reached that season where bright oranges, hot pinks, radiant purples, bright greens, and blues of pretty much all shades take over the makeup world. The colors start sweeping in during the Spring and they get bolder and brighter as the year progresses into summer. You see it in our clothing, our nail polish, and yes, our makeup.

If you’re feeling a little bold this summer, you’re definitely going to want makeup to match: something that packs a punch with pigment. And you need look no further than Inglot Cosmetics.


Established over 25 years ago by Wojtek Inglot, Inglot Cosmetics brings the latest trends in color, among other things. Makeup lines such as this one are summer ideals, with lasting products that are rich in pigment. Perfect for creating those vibrant summertime looks!

get_cleopatras-eyes-makeupWhat’s best? Inglot carries several waterproof products, making it easier for you to look fabulous through all summer activities. I mean, what’s summer without a few trips to the pool or beach?

So what are your favorite summertime colors and looks? Comment below and let us know!

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