Wedding Day Makeup: What Kind of Bride Are You?

As employees of a makeup boutique, the ladies of SOHO Lashes are always perusing the work of famed and celebrated makeup artists for our viewing pleasure and inspiration. And one such artist, simply called “Katie B”, has gotten our attention in a major way! Katie B has worked all over the industry, from Playboy to the Disney Channel, but what really makes our eyes glow in adoration is her bridal work!

Katie B's work can be seen on her facebook page, and her line of cosmetics can be purchased at

Katie B’s work can be seen on her Facebook page, and her line of cosmetics can be purchased at

Katie B ( has done countless brides, each one with uniquely different makeup. But we did notice patterns with certain makeup styles, and it got us thinking: How exactly does a bride-to-be know what kind of bridal makeup style will best suit her on her wedding day? Well, we found three of the most common recurring bridal makeup styles and came up with descriptions to help you find which one fits you!


Do you find yourself frequenting thrift shops or browsing the web for chic vintage items? Would you consider Dita Von Tees a modern day hero? Have you ever attended a costume party dressed as a flapper from the roaring twenties? If you said yes to any or all of these, you’re probably an Old Glamor Bride.

oldglamourYou’re easily seduced by the allure and overall fabulous nature of Old Hollywood, and you want it to reflect in your style. This look is very bold and sassy. All you’ll need to put on the Ritz for your big day is a bold red lip (matte of course!), black, winged eyeliner, and darkened eyebrows. Maybe even a fake beauty mark if you’re feeling daring! Now you don’t want to be completely matte on your wedding day; every bride should have a certain glow about her. Opt for a satin-finish foundation to polish everything off. This look is phenomenal for those winter-season weddings, and goes well with a more form-fitting dress. Throw in retro waves for the hair and you’ll be channeling Marilyn Monroe in no time!



Does your perfect summer day entail a light blue sundress, a picnic, and the perfect floppy hat? Do you happen to idolize Audrey Hepburn? Have you ever answered “pastel” when asked to name your favorite color? If this sounds like you, chances are you’re the Classic Blushing Bride.









Let’s face it, you love romance. And not just any romance: you love the picture-perfect kind of romance you see in movies. And who could blame you for wanting to capture that picturesque, happily-ever-after ambiance for your wedding? This look calls for elegance. It is extremely feminine. It is innocent, with just the lightest touch of flirt. The makeup should be very soft. Rosy cheeks and a pale pink lip, with full and slightly untamed brows. Top it off with highlighting at the inner eye corners and on the t-zone for a youthful glow and you’re set! As for the hair? Sweep it up into a classic up-do with just a few loose tendrils to frame the face. And knowing you, you probably fancy the traditional ball gowns. What better way to look like a fairytale princess on your big day than with a gorgeous, pure white, A-line gown, hmm? Just don’t forget the lace gloves and tiara!


Have you always pictured yourself having an outdoor wedding, preferably in late spring or summer? Is your honeymoon almost certainly going to be somewhere in the Caribbean? On a scale from one to ten, is your desire to resemble Jennifer Lopez at least a high seven? If this rings a bell, we’ll wager that you’re a Glowing Goddess Bride.

makeup13The skin is gonna be the star of your show! You prefer a more natural look. Earth tones. Nothing too colorful. All you really want is that stunning glow-from-within appeal that you see on Victoria’s Secret models for their swimwear shoots. For this look you’ll need a dewy finish foundation, a bronzer for the cheeks, and an illuminator for the cheekbones, t-zone, and temples. Lips should be nude. For the eyes, go with warm browns laced with specs of gold. And we’re willing to bet your outdoor wedding dress will be strapless, so dust a little shimmer powder on those shoulders to top it all off! Perfect. You’re going to shine so bright your wedding guests will need shades to look at you!


So which bride are you? The Old Glamor Bride, the Classic Blushing Bride, or the Glowing Goddess Bride? Or perhaps a different style all your own? Let us know in the comments below!

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