Add a Little Color To Your Lashes This Fall

Yes, it’s still August. And admittedly, outside still feels like an oven. Most of us are still getting invites for days at the beach(on the days that aren’t suffering from recent bouts of rain)! Summer is not quite over yet. But for me, Autumn’s in the air!

Maybe this sensation is just in high anticipation for my favorite season of the year, but there is something fantastically festive about fall. Starting around September and continuing on through the remainder of the year, there is a nonstop flurry of events, setting a happy atmosphere and mood for the season. And the ladies at SOHO Lashes love to have fun with any festivity by doing things like adding color to our client’s lashes!

Now, before you go running for the hills, hear us out. Adding color to your lashes may not be the best option for your nine-to-five in Corporate America, but can be a great way to spice up weekend events!


Plan on attending any events for Breast Cancer Awareness Month? Perhaps, for instance, the wonderful Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure. Why not add some pink flare to those lashes to help represent? Even if you won’t be participating, it’s such a creative way to represent in the month of October!


For Halloween you could get a little more eccentric and choose something to match your Halloween costume, whether you plan on going as a fairy or a friendly witch!


Perhaps you could simply adorn your lashes with colors to match the colors of the changing leaves. Warm browns, oranges, reds, and yellows will do the trick here, creating a lovely subtle look.

If you’re not so sure on colors, refer to the color wheel and see what colors will best accentuate your eyes! There are plenty of charts around for eyeshadow colors to match the eye, and you can apply these to your eyelash extensions as well! Sometimes just a few colored strands, so modestly applied that you cannot detect them, can make a huge difference in drawing out your eyes!


So next time at your lash appointment, if you’re feeling a little daring, ask your lash tech to add a few strands of color! You might be pleasantly surprised 😉

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