Product Spotlight: Inglot 6SS Blending Brush

The ladies of SOHO Lashes are always looking for the best products and tools for our clients, and today we’re focusing on the Inglot Cosmetics 6SS Blending Brush. A very important quality of a blending brush is soft, flexible bristles.  The more flexible the bristles, the easier it will be to move and blend out the product. And softness matters simply because nobody likes the feeling of this on their face:


Luckily Inglot delivers in both departments with the 6SS eye brush! It is medium sized and dome-shaped yet flexible. It is the ideal blending brush, especially for someone with a medium/large eye size, as it blends eyeshadow effortlessly.


A great alternative use for this blending brush would be contouring, as dome-shaped brushes work well for contour. The size is just right for the “C” shaped contour right under the cheekbone and going up into the temple. And what’s more, you can blend as you go, giving you a more natural contoured affect.

There are, of course, similar brushes under other cosmetic brands that will do a similar job:


But what’s so great about Inglot? The affordable price range! The 6SS blending brush is a modest $19, while similar brushes from other notable brands are in the $30 price range. Inglot Cosmetics prices not only their brushes but all other makeup products so that they are accessible to all.

Good price and great quality. Inglot gives you the best of both worlds. How could we not fall in love?


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