Fall Makeup Trends

Now that Autumn is upon us, you’ll probably notice a stark difference in fashion trends. Gone are the colorful neons and sweet pastels of the summer, replaced by a darker, more vampy look. And whenever fashion changes, it’s not just your clothing that adjusts; Your makeup changes with the trends as well. Here are a few fall staples to ensure you are at your most fabulous this season!


1. Matte Gray Eyes.

This trend was a big hit during fashion week, seen in shows from Marc Jacobs and Vera Wang, to name a couple.  You can achieve this look by applying a matte gray gel liner to the lid with a flat eye brush, then using a blending brush to smoke it out. Carry the color to the bottom lid as well with a smudging brush and you’ll have a very current gray smokey eye! BTW, our favorite matte gray comes from Stila Cosmetics’ very own Smudge Pot! Warning: You must work fast when blending, because once set, this product will not be going anywhere.


2. Wine-Colored Lips.

Darker lips are always popular during the colder months. More common for the season are plums and burgendies. Particularly popular this year is what is being called a Wine Red lip. This works matte or with a sheer gloss overtop. One combination we love is Becca Cosmetics’ Ultimate Matte Lip Color in Antoinette paired with the Ultimate Colour Gloss in Berry Twist. Remember, with the darker colors it is vital to line your lips. This will avoid such a harsh color bleeding onto your skin and turning into a mess!

Cat-Eyes-Salvatore-Ferragamo3. Cat Eyes.

As the temperatures decrease, a woman’s edginess definitely increases! And there is nothing edgier than the cat eye. The were several variations of this on the Fashion Week runways recently, but perhaps the most realistic version is the simple winged eyeliner. A perfect way to sculpt that perfect black wing is to use an eyeliner gel pot with an angled eyeliner brush. Our favorites are both by Inglot Cosmetics: the AMC Gel Eyeliner No. 77 with to 30T Bent Eyeliner Brush. The brush allows for a thin, precise line while the gel liner glides on smoothly and effortlessly, combining for the perfect cat eye!

So There you have it! Three Fall necessities to carry you straight into Winter! What are some Fall staples that you won’t be caught without? Tell us in the comments below 😉 Blink blink wink!

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