Eyelash Extensions Are Not Clusters!

You know what really grinds my gears? When salons advertise their cluster lash service as “individuals” or “eyelash extensions”! It confuses consumers and gives them false expectations when they come into SOHO Lashes.

CLUSTER_LASHES_FINALBefore I go on, allow me to explain the cluster lash to you. Cluster lash application takes anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes, and prices range from $20-$40 on average. It’s important to note that there is nothing “individual” about a cluster lash.  Clusters consist of anywhere between 2 and 5 strands of synthetic hair, knotted together. These are applied directly to the lash line (or at least they are supposed to be!) right about where you would apply eyeliner or false strip lashes. With this method of application, it is easy to create volume and drama, as each clump will add up when side by side, therefore creating a much denser lash line on top of your natural lash line. With this method of application, it is also easy to go overboard and create too much density, making it very obvious that you are wearing false lashes. Some will prefer this look, but for those who want a natural-appearing lash enhancement, this is not the best option.

Clusters also tend to cause a great deal of damage over time. We have a number of clients wanting to switch over to eyelash extensions from clusters, who are usually disappointed to find that they have to wait about a month for their lashes to grow back in. Clusters and the glue used to attach them make direct contact to the skin. this suffocates the hair follicles and causes damage to the lash bed, leading to sparse lashes and premature shedding. And once a client sees the sparseness in her natural lashes after removal, she’ll think she needs the clusters even more, and keep coming back for them. It’s a vicious cycle. A consumer won’t be thinking about the health of her lashes, but will instead focus on the cheap price, short application time and incredible drama that clusters provide.


A lot of women hear clusters get called “eyelash extensions” and call in assuming that we do the same exact thing, and are usually shocked at our application time and cost. It’s important to know that eyelash extensions are synthetic hairs applied strand by strand to each of your natural lashes, about a millimeter away from the follicles, by certified eyelash technicians. Extensions do not make contact with the skin and do not cause damage to the lash bed. Being that the application is much more precise, it takes the technicians longer to complete (1 1/2 hrs.–2 hrs.). With it taking more time and more work to provide a safer, higher quality look, the application will of course cost more than it would for cluster lashes.

theperfectcurlYou know what else grinds my gears? When an already harmful lash enhancement is applied incorrectly! A few times during conversation, I’ve explained to someone the differences between clusters and extensions, noting that extensions are being attached directly onto the eyelash. To this I have received, “But these were applied directly onto the lashes.” This is bad for clusters! Our lash techs are only applying one strand onto each eyelash. Anything more and it would be too heavy for your natural lash, potentially breaking it off! The 2-5 cluster strands going directly onto the natural lashes would be way too weighty, causing severe damage!

So now that you’ve got the facts, which one do you choose? Leave your answer in the comments below!

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