Modernizing Classic Halloween Looks

You see it every Halloween. Green faces, fake, rotted teeth, blood-red face paint…. I could go on, but you get the point. Halloween is a fun and festive time of year, but sometimes we can take our costume a tad far when it comes to the makeup! We women don’t want to look cliche or tacky in our costumes; We want to look fabulous and sexy! So my advice to you: Let your costume to the talking, not your makeup! Simply let the makeup set the “tone” for your costume with modern makeup tchniques. Here are three classic Halloween looks to get you inspired:

The Cat

Image  Often when it comes to Halloween makeup, we instantly think: face paint! But that isn’t necessarily something you have to do. You can achieve a cat look with something a little more simple, getting across the point and letting your beautiful face shine through:


 The cat look is simple: black cat-eye liner, winged at the end and brought in slightly at the inner corner. Pair this with some false lashes and the eyes are set. Next, contour and highlight the nose for a straight, cat-nose effect. You could leave it at that or take things a step further by taking your black gel liner and adding a black tip for the nose, contouring right above the cupid’s bow, and adding dots above the lip for pores. Finish off by adding thin, wispy hairs for whiskers and a red lip and you’ve got yourself a sexy cat look!

The Witch


As children, what did we picture when we thought of witches? Green skin, warts, course hair, and hooked noses! But now that we’re older, we can make witches look wonderful! These days, who really wants to walk around a costume party with green-tinted


Remember, we only need to create a mood with our makeup so our costumes can do the talking, so set a dark, vampy look with your makeup and you’ll be good to go! A green-oriented smokey eye and a dark-colored lip is all you need.

The Dead/Undead

Jawless Zombie Makeup

Zombie themes have gained significantly in popularity the past few years, so it’s expected that many people will be going as the undead for Halloween! But why make it scary? There are ways we can glam up this popular look.

Halloween-glam-zombie-makeup The key thing to this look is contouring. The dead have sunken-in skin and you can replicate this subtly by contouring the cheekbones, under-eye area, and temples. Also, widen the eyes a bit by applying a white creamy liner to the waterline. Add false lashes to open them up even further!

I hope this helps you achieve your Halloween look in the most glamorous way possible! What will you be going as this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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