Lash Extensions: How They Can Help You Out For The Holidays!

So often I hear clients gush about why they love their eyelash extensions. For most people, it’s the mystery of “Something’s different, but I don’t know what,” that clients receive from friends, colleagues, and loved ones. A beauty trick that enhances your eyes and brightens your whole face, all the while being virtually undetectable. For some, it’s being able to wake up and not look like Gollum:

gollumface-450-x-450Even without makeup and that glossed over, half-asleep look, eyelash extensions help our clients to look put-together in a moment’s notice! Lash extensions open your eyes up, instantly making you appear awake and vibrant, and women who don’t always have time for makeup love the idea of being beautified without having to do any work! This is helpful for full-time job holders who lack the time required to be beauty queens, busy mothers whose children are their full-time job, and (get ready for this one) Holiday Women.

Holiday women are the powerful ladies who, from November to January, run around like headless chickens with their endless to-do lists. From organizing family gatherings, to picking up relatives at the airport, to making sure the kids look nice and presentable for out-of-town company, to slaving in the kitchen to prepare a holiday feast, to cleaning the house from top to bottom so that guests won’t spot a single speck of dust. Honestly, who has time to even think about makeup or looking “extra special”? That’s why lash extensions come in handy: You don’t have to think about them! So long as your have them applied before the busy day, they’ll already be in place, helping you look fabulous and masking how tired you’re probably feeling on the inside. They’ll even be useful during the hectic Black Friday Shopping fiesta, in case you  need to charm your way into cutting ahead in line or snagging the last 57″ plasma screen TV on the shelf. Bat those lustrous lashes and it’s as good as yours 😉

And let us not forget about all of those holiday parties which follow. From the beginning of December right up to the end and going into the New Year, there are always affairs to be attended. And if you want that smokey eye to really pop, lash enhancement is a good way to go (And a makeover via SOHO Lashes isn’t a bad idea either 😉 )!

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