SOHO Lashes How-To: Buying makeup Brushes

The sight of a room full of makeup for a woman is like the sight of Disney World to a small child. All the colors, all the looks, all the possibilities! Indeed, a room full of makeup is an exciting thing to behold!

Inversely, a room full of makeup brushes is a confusing thing to behold.


It’s not uncommon for most woman to buy brushes without really knowing what they’re for. Some never make it our of the makeup store due to lack of brush knowledge. I mean, there are so many types! And colors! And shapes! What goes where? What’s this for? How do I even hold this?!

Well fret not, ladies, because SOHO Lashes is going to to give you a small demonstration on what to look for when choosing your brush, with eyeliner brushes as an example!

Flat Vs. Fluffy  

inglotjaponesqueRule of thumb: flat brushes are generally used for creams or liquids (and this can apply to foundation as well as eye color) while fluffier brushes are generally used for powders (A lot of “fluffy” brushes end up getting used for liquids and creams when it comes to face brushes but we’ll save that for another post 😉 ). Here we have two very similar brushes. The one to the right (Inglot’s 31T Angled Eyeliner Brush) is good for gel eyeliner or even precision concealer under the eye and on the browbone. The one on the right (Japonesque’s 240 Precision Brow Brush) , with slightly looser bristles, will be good to apply powder to the top and bottom lash lines, and to the eyebrows as well.

Take note: These are not inter-usable and will not yield the same results when used for anything other than what these brushes’ strengths cater toward. You would not want to use the brow-defining brush for your gel liner and, unless you wanted to create very thin lines to create “hairs” in sparse brows, the angled eyeliner brush wouldn’t be your best best for filling your brows in with powder. Notice that we haven’t given a straight-edged brush example for either. We opt to use angled brushes as often as possible because they promote precision, allowing to to get to every single crevice around your eye and brow area!

What are your favorite brushes to use for eyeliner? Do you prefer angled or straight brushes and why? Share with us in the comments below!

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