Beyonce’s Surprise Visual Album Comes With A Variety Of Makeup Looks!

Ever the chameleon, Beyonce has done it again with her 5th studio album, simply titled “Beyonce”. Fans and spectators alike are still picking their jaws up as the shock of the surprise album wears off. Already having sold over 800.000 copies on the third day without any prior promotion, the album has been breaking new grounds with not only 14 new songs, but 17 videos as well! And each video is vastly different from one another– especially in the beauty departmnt! Check out Beyonce’s latest looks, featuring makeup by Francesca Tolot,  below:

photo 32

Hey stand-out feature is usually her eyes, so it’s no surprise that Beyonce has a bold liner, glowing skin, and nude lip combination!

photo 21

From pretty pink pouts to smoldering smokey eyes, everything about these looks are fit for a pageant girl.

photo 11

Can’t do 17 music videos without throwing in a red lip! To keep the lips the key focus, everything else is toned down and natural.

photo1 2

Another classic look! Dramatic liner with a bold red never steered Beyonce wrong before, and it sure didn’t here.

photo 13

From edgy, to Arabian, to bare beauty! Beyonce manages to do it all.

photo 14

Beyonce pulls off the perfect “bad girl” image with vampy dark lips.

photo 1

Done by celebrity makeup artist Francesca Tolot, this is the perfect eye look. Edgy and glamorous. And paired with that lip color, we’re even thinking this would be a good NewYear’s Eve look 😉

photo 4

We’re all about the skin on these ladies! Each look gives off a delightful matte glow, paired with those gorgeous matte, blood-red lips!

photo 3

makeup artist Francesca Tolot gives Beyonce’s eyes and lips a “wet” look that is fun, vibrant, and young!

photo 333

One of our favorite looks from the album, this look focuses on Beyonce’s natural beauty, perfecting the skin, skipping the color and drama, and giving off a radiant “glow from within”.


Makeup artist Francesca Tolot emphasizes the dynamic’s trio’s eyes in three different and fun ways!! Dark and full of drama, each serves as an excellent night-out look.

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