Glam Glow Dubbed “Best Mask In The World”!

I’m not quite sure what it is. Perhaps it’s the winter weather becoming harsher against my skin. Maybe it’s the recent study a fellow SOHO Lashes makeup artist and I have taken up on how to perfect skin for film. Maybe it’s the general desire I share with women across the globe for that special someone to brush my cheek and marvel at the baby smooth feel of my skin. Maybe I just want my makeup to look even more flawless for when I go out.

Whatever it is, I’ve been paying a lot more attention lately to skincare. What’s the best thing for dark circles and fine lines under your eyes? What gets rid of breakouts the quickest? What doesn’t dry out your skin or leave it feeling oily? What helps even out skin tone? There are serums, cleansers, moisturizers, and toners that target some of these areas individually, but often times a good mask will cover all areas with an intensive 10-20 minutes of intensive skin treatment.


That’s where GlamGlow comes in. Now, we’ve sold GlamGlow here at SOHO Lashes for some time now, and we fell in love with the product’s ability to give our skin that naturally radiant “glow” as promised. But I’ve recently discovered that we aren’t the only ones in love.


Recently, GlamGlow received the 2014 Elle International Beauty Award as the world’s best mask, as voted by Elle Magazine’s readers and editors. Now that’s a huge deal! I don’t need to listen to the reviews pr hear about the awards though, because I’ve personally seen the difference it makes on my skin. Due to hyperpigmentation my skin can look very dull, and the Youth Mud Mask takes a lot of that dullness away. My skin look fresh and young, and that’s really what every girl wants, right?

Big kudos to GlamGlow for their amazing products and making men and women all over feel beautiful with flawless skin!

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