Why You Should Use Gleam by Melanie Mills

SOHO Lashes recently announced through Facebook that we would be adding Gleam By Melanie Mills to our collection of lines carried in the boutique. Specifically, we have chosen to start off with the Body Radiance:

gleam collageAnd after a skype chat with our helpful Gleam representative Joanna, we’ve compiled some reasons for why everyone can and should use the Body Radiance!

63rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals

Gwyneth Paltrow, pictured above, incorporates Gleam’s Body Radiance into her beauty routine to keep her skin looking youthful, fresh, and vibrant.

First, a little about the Body Radiance. It comes in four shades: Light Gold, Rose Gold, Bronze Gold and Light Gold. It’s important not to think of this product as strictly makeup, but of what it’s referred to, as a moisturizer with benefits. Body Radiance goes hand in hand with SOHO Lashes’ philosophy of “Skincare first, makeup second!” The formula is 60% moisturizer, 40% water-based (meaning it can be used with spray tans) pigment matching makeup. It contains hydrating ingredients including jojoba oil and aloe vera, as well as skin-perfecting ingredients like Kalpariane, a wrinkle-filler, and Brown Seaweed Extract, a skin-tightener.

Another bit of information you should know is that most skin shimmer products are made with silver micro crystals, which can make the product look artificial on the skin. The Body Radiance is made with high-grade crushed pearl, which is more universally flattering and natural on all skin tones, giving a true “lit from within” look. It was created for Dancing With The Stars, to find a camera-friendly product that wouldn’t transfer onto clothing or dissipate from sweat. To superset Body radiance, all you need is a spray sun screen, and it will remain water and sweat proof for as long as you wear it. If the product does transfer, all you need is a baby wipe to remove it as it is extremely gentle and non-staining. It is also non-creasing, unlike a lot of tanning stains and sprays.


The shades are universal, meaning that any of the shades can be worn on any skin tone without appearing “ashy” or too dark. The initial pigment either warms up or cools down to your skin tone so that it blends in naturally, leaving behind nothing but a brilliant glow.

4_Swatches.white_backgroundA little about the shades:

Light Gold– The lightest shade, good for redness or sunburned/damaged skin, makes for an excellent highlighter (especially on medium skin tones), can be used as a primer or mixed in with foundation/bb cream

Rose Gold– The original shade, most popular because it has the lowest percentage of pigment and the highest percentage of pearl which gives off a more effervescent glow, a great highlighter for darker skin tones, is a go-to color for eyes and cheeks

Bronze Gold and Deep Gold– Both great for contouring, hides flaws on the body such as veins and cellulite. Bronze contains a pure golden undertone which is good for redness, while Deep has a coppery tropic undertone, complimentary to rosy hues.

All in all, Body Radiance is too perfect a product to pass up. great to accentuate your summer tan and equally as great to create a warmth and a glow to on your skin in the dullness of winter! For any occasion, who doesn’t want that sexy glow? Needless to say, SOHO Lashes is proud and excited to be carrying such a phenomenal “moisturizer with benefits” 😉 Blink blink wink!

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