Strip Lashes Provide The Perfect Drama For Special Occasions!

Look at the photograph of this woman. The two sides of her face are very different. What is the difference you say? You might describe the difference by saying that, on one side, the woman looks more tired. Or on one side, her eye looks more intense. You could even say that on one side, she looks more feminine, or more inviting. However you describe it, there’s no denying that the enhancement of one’s eyelashes makes a world of difference. Now, at SOHO Lashes we offer two types of eyelash enhancement: eyelash extensions and strip lashes. Today we are going to focus on strip lashes!

Now, strip lashes can sometimes get a bad rep as being overly dramatic or obviously fake. But with a good quality strip, you can get excellent drama for a glamorous occasion. Again, it’s all about the quality. Low-quality strips will generally look something like this:beatylashes

This is because some strip companies don’t pay enough attention to detail. The strips will lack the shine that natural lashes normally have, and the hairs won’t vary much in length like our natural eyelashes, making them look fake. Not too long ago, the ladies at SOHO Lashes discovered mink strip lashes and we haven’t wanted to go back since. We carry mink strip lashes from Velour Lashes and from Flutter Lashes and we are in love with both. These companies take care in ensuring  quality products which mimic the style and luster of natural eyelashes.

minklashesoneThe big difference with these strip lashes is that they vary greatly in length just like your natural lashes, but not in an overly obvious pattern like other strips. There’s also no artificial shine to them; Given that these are made from real mink hairs, the sheen and luster is all natural, helping the strips look as real as possible while giving you the drama you desire. While they enhance your lashes so much, they’re also light as a feather! A lot of strips can weigh your eyelids down, but the mink hairs are so light and bouncy that you eventually will forget they’re even on! On top of this, the mink strips can be worn up to 25 times, as opposed to lesser quality strips that may only be worn 5-10 times before losing their shape. Lashes like these, though they are very full and contribute so much drama to the eye, don’t have to be worn with dramatic makeup. As shown above, these strips can be worn with very minimal makeup without being overpowering. Inversely, these strips are the perfect accentuation for special event makeup, as shown below:

minklashes2While we love providing eyelash extensions to our clients, we also acknowledge that some women won’t want anything semi-permanent. Some will just want the extra oomph for that one special night– be it a first date, a school dance, a formal event. And if you’re going to go all out for your special occasion, why not opt for the best quality possible? Don’t sell yourself short, ladies! Opt for the Velour Lashes or Flutter Lashes mink strips!

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