How To: Blend Eyeshadow Properly

I see pictures like this all over the web. So do you. We, collectively, see these eyeshadow looks constantly. And our thoughts are generally, “Wow, that eyeshadow looks amazing!”


But why? Why are we so impressed with what the eyes look like closed? Are you going to replicate the look and walk around with your eyes closed all day so that everyone can see the beautiful transition from brown to gold? Of course you aren’t; You’d run into stuff all day! We go about our daily routines with our eyes open, so we shouldn’t be impressed with our eye makeup unless we’re viewing it with open eyes. Which brings me to the point of this blog: Stop blending your eyeshadow with your eyes closed!


When you are blending colors into the crease, you must keep in mind that when the eye opens, the crease recedes backward into the eye socket. So you may very well be able to see the color with your lid closed, but how do you know that the color and transition will show once the lid opens? Blend with the eye open so that you can see precisely what everyone else will see as you create, that way you can more easily achieve your desired effect!

getty_rm_photo_of_woman_applying_bright_eye_shadowWhen your eye is open, it is also easier to pinpoint the crease. The crease is not as prominent when the lids are closed, so opening your eyes as you apply will prevent you from placing the crease color too high or low.

Follow these tips, and you’ll have phenomenal eye makeup for the whole day, and not just when you’re napping 😉 Blink blink wink!

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