5 Summer Events You Can Wear Your Eyelashes To

It’s the most wonderful time of the year….

That’s right, summer is upon us once again! And after an unforgiving winter, we are all looking forward to soaking up the sun and everything that comes with it.


But we ladies know the deal: with added heat usually comes subtracted makeup. Nobody wants to clog up their face with too much in the hot summer sun, as it tends to melt off (or get splashed off at the beach!) Nonetheless, we ARE women, and we do want to look effortlessly put-together at any given moment.

Well thank heaven for eyelash extensions! They are just enough to leave you looking radiant without being over-the-top at low-key events, and they can survive places that regular makeup can’t! Here are 5 common summer activities and events that you can wear your eyelash extensions to:


fun-amusement-park1. A Theme Park. There’s just something about a warm breeze, funnel cake, and a wild roller coaster ride that go so well together. Theme parks aren’t usually your ideal place for makeup though (especially when you hop on those water rides!) but your low-maintenance eyelash extensions will blend right in while making you stand out.







2. Cookouts. Cookouts and summer go together like peanut butter and jelly. And cookouts are usually social events, so we want to look nice for the occasion! But sometimes our foundation and favorite lipstick aren’t the best accessory to our sundresses. Between the scorching sun, the heat waves wafting over from the grill, and added degrees from the sheer density of people in your neighbor’s backyard, your makeup will be all but gone by the time you leave. But your semi-permanent extensions won’t!


vacation-from-work13. Vacation. Whether it’s a cruise, somewhere in the tropics, or simply anywhere with a beach, folks absolutely love to go on vacation over the summer! As is normally the case, we ladies aren’t too fussed about wearing makeup on our beautiful resort island. That’s too much work, and we did not go on vacation to work. Thankfully, eyelash extensions take out all the work, plus they’ll last the duration of your stay in paradise!


Woman-Hiking4. Hiking Trips. Summer is a time to get back in touch with nature for many, but out of touch with most beauty rituals! When we’re in the great outdoors, the only things we carry on hand are dry socks and bug spray. Makeup is pointless and added weight on a hiking trip. Eyelash extensions, however, are weightless on your eye and carry no extra burden on you. That way you can commune with nature fabulously and worry-free.


5. Pool/Beach Parties.

women beach summer people party sunlight boys 4368x2912 wallpaper_www.wallpaperfo.com_7

I saved the most obvious one for last. Water in the summer is a given. As I type this, women are flocking to the beach in droves to give their bodies some relief from the heat. On top of that, beach and pool parties are just plain fun! But they are typically a makeup-free zone. With all the H2O flowing, there’ usually no point. This is why it’s such a great thing to have waterproof eyelash extensions! Forty-eight hours after applications, these lashes will be resistant against water, allowing you to swim (or get pushed in by you prankster friends) without worrying about anything coming off!

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