Protect Your Skin This Summer!


If the last couple of weeks is any testament, this summer is full of promise to be a true scorcher. And while summer is usually synonymous with the word “tan”, think twice before you decide to spend a few hours a day “baking” in the sun.   There are a lot of longterm disadvantages to sunbathing in comparison to its one temporary advantage:

-Aged skin, as the overexposure to sun leads to elastic tissues in your skin to break down

-Sun-caused freckles

-Sunburn and, in extreme cases, blisters


-Deep wrinkles as well as a rough, leathery texture on the skin

Formation of cancerous tumors and, eventually, skin cancer

I don’t really think enough people take skin cancer seriously. Have you seen what skin cancer looks like? Well, here it is:









Pretty unsightly, huh? Well,  it’s not just unsightly; It’s scary. Skin cancer progressed to this stage can be dangerous and deadly. What’s even more dangerous? Skin cancer before you can see it. How many of you could be developing harmful abnormalities as you lay out without even realizing it? According to, skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States. More than 3.5 million skin cancers in over two million people are diagnosed annually, and one in five Americans will develop some form of skin cancer over a lifetime.

Those odds aren’t very friendly, and let’s be honest here: We aren’t really helping our odds by exposing ourselves so frequently to ultraviolet radiation. Now I know that glowing, golden skin can be pretty desirable, especially over the summer, but there are other, safer ways through which to achieve this!

Bronzers and fake tanning products are plentiful. Invest in one that is friendly to your skin and a quality you are happy with. The girls at SOHO Lashes already have a go-to: Body Radiance from Gleam By Melanie Mills!

gleam collage

It comes in 4 shades so we can pick our shade of “tan”, and more importantly it’s safe for your skin! Body radiance and other products like it are your safest bet in achieving a healthy glow without the backlash of skin problems! Now, aside from these bronzing beauty products, make sure to take additional protective precautions, like sunscreen and hats to provide additional shade from the sun. Remember ladies: Stay safe and bronze on!

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