SOHO Lashes Loves The Beauty Blender Pro!

BEAUTYBLENDER_Single_and_Cleanser_boxed__79899.1329392886.1280.1280 Everyone is familiar with this image. The classic pink sponge. A SOHO Lashes favorite! The original pink Beauty Blender is popular among makeup artists and it’s not uncommon to see countless pink sponges glittering the makeup tables for red carpet events and fashion shows. Or at least, that’s what you used to see.


Not too long ago, the creators of Beauty Blender decided that it was time for something new:


They’ve come out with black and white versions of the classic sponge, and everyone is now picking a new favorite!

While it made sense to get the pink sponge for SOHO Lashes (our theme color is pink!), we were eager to finally bring in a new color. We have to admit that the white sponge still scares us a bit in terms of applying dark foundation, but we were happy to try the black sponge and are even happier to report that we love it!


The black beauty blender is very sleek, professional-appearing, and holds its color so well! We’ve even noted that it shows the color of foundation a little more prominently (it’s easier for any color to show up on black than it is on pink), which is a definite plus. And while it is called the Beauty Blender Pro, we recommend it for just about anyone, from amateur to master makeup artist! And if anyone’s willing to go with the Beauty Blender Pure (the white sponge) let us know how it works for you!


Do you already use Beauty Blender? Which color is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below 😉 Blink blink wink!

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