Stocking Stuffers For Your Beauty Lovers



This time of the year we enjoy– and in some cases, fret over– the prospect of shopping for our loved ones! Sometimes it can be tricky to find the right gifts, so if you’re pondering over what to get the lovely ladies in your life, we’ve got you covered! Here are SOHO Lashes’ top five picks for the ideal stocking stuffers!


1: Beauty Blender BBF

BBFbeautyblenderBeauty blender is a great gift any time of the year, but the uniquely adorable packaging of the BBF makes this gift perfect for pairs like siblings, best friends, or mother and daughter! Whether you’re part of the pair or want to gift both to your loved one to distribute as she sees fit, the Beauty Blender BBF is a holiday must-have.




2. Sara Happ Lip Scrub


Sara Happ’s lip scrub has easily become a winter time staple. The moisturizing, smooth-lip treatment is ideal for cold winter weather, and its small size and cute packaging make for a picture-perfect stocking stuffer! The kitchen-made ingredients make this a treat to the taste buds, the sugar exfoliates the dry skin, the grape seed and jojoba oils moisturize the newly exposed skin, and the whole package is paired perfectly with our next stocking stuffer…



3. Stila Cosmetics Lip Glaze

stila-color-me-glossy-lip-glaze-set-63No lip gloss is longer lasting or comes in a wider array of festive colors! Stila Cosmetics creator Sarah Lucero got it right with this formula, which locks in moisture and stays on throughout the day. And the best part? The twist-able applicator ensures that you waste no product! Grab a few of these and throw them in your loved one’s stocking.




4. Myrabelle’s Mascara Shield

mascarashieldAny woman who does her eye makeup knows how tricky it can be to not make a mess. From eyshadow fallout to your mascara smearing onto your top and bottom lids, it is sometimes difficult to avoid a blunder or two. Enter the Myrabelle Mascara shield, here to save the day! As if the cute pink color and feminine packaging weren’t enough to pull us in, the shield does its job in leaving mascara on your lashes and eyeshadow on your lids, exactly where they belong. Plus, at such a low cost, who wouldn’t want to pick up a few as stocking stuffers?




5. Gleam Body Radiance

gleam collage Nobody misses summer more than a woman in mid-winter who has lost all remnants of her summer tan. Give the tan back with this awesome moisturizer with benefits! Ranging from Light Gold to Bronze Gold, these illuminators give you the perfect glow, and one that won’t transfer onto your clothes. Now that’s a gift a girl can love!





Now you’ve seen our top five stocking stuffers, but what are yours? Let us know your beauty faves in the comments below 😉 Blink blink wink!

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