5 Summer Events You Can Wear Your Eyelashes To

It's the most wonderful time of the year.... That's right, summer is upon us once again! And after an unforgiving winter, we are all looking forward to soaking up the sun and everything that comes with it. But we ladies know the deal: with added heat usually comes subtracted makeup. Nobody wants to clog up their face with too much in the hot summer sun, as it tends to melt off (or get splashed off at the beach!) Nonetheless, we ARE women, and we do want to look effortlessly … [Read more...]

Eyelash Extensions Are Not Clusters!

You know what really grinds my gears? When salons advertise their cluster lash service as "individuals" or "eyelash extensions"! It confuses consumers and gives them false expectations when they come into SOHO Lashes. Before I go on, allow me to explain the cluster lash to you. Cluster lash application takes anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes, and prices range from $20-$40 on average. It's important to note that there is nothing "individual" about a cluster lash.  Clusters consist of anywhere … [Read more...]

Add a Little Color To Your Lashes This Fall

Yes, it's still August. And admittedly, outside still feels like an oven. Most of us are still getting invites for days at the beach(on the days that aren't suffering from recent bouts of rain)! Summer is not quite over yet. But for me, Autumn's in the air! Maybe this sensation is just in high anticipation for my favorite season of the year, but there is something fantastically festive about fall. Starting around September and continuing on through the remainder of the year, there is a nonstop … [Read more...]

How To: Take Care of Your Eyelash Extensions Over the Summer

The greater majority of clients who walk through the doors of SOHO Lashes come here for eyelash extensions. And These clients know that keeping up these lashes is a job, not only on our part but on their parts as well. With the summer heat on its way, the job is expected to become a little harder, so we thought we'd give three good tips to all of the lash addicts out there on how to keep those eyelash extensions looking as full and fabulous as possible this summer! 1.) Do not, do not, do … [Read more...]

Interview With a SOHO Client

I work at an eyelash boutique. Here, we offer eyelash extensions (among other things) as a provided service. Quite technically speaking, it is my job to sell the products and services that we offer. With that being said, dear reader, it is understandable if you might find anything I say on the company blog to be a bit, well, um, biased. I'd like to take this time to assure you that, after having done newspaper writing for a consecutive three years, it is embedded in my brain to give my most … [Read more...]

Lash Extensions: Til Death Do They Part

You've told yourself for weeks now that you wouldn't cry. You have prepared your psyche in every way possible for what is to come and, what's more, you had yourself a good, precautionary cry the day before. But now, as you stand arm-in-arm with your father, donned in the most beautiful, lacy white dress you have ever laid your eyes on, staring down a long aisle past a crowd of awed admirers to your beaming groom-to-be, and your defenses are helpless. As emotion gets the best of you, tears escape … [Read more...]

Everyone has one; How will you solve yours?

I'm thinking of an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond. Maybe you've seen it. It's the one where Ray Barone discovers that he's shrinking in height, freaks out from the realization that he is officially over the hill, and writes a list of things to do before he dies. The classic case of a mid-life crisis. Ray's loving wife Deborah sees the bucket list, realizes what's happening and reveals to her husband that she's already had her mid-life crisis-- and found a solution. Her problem was realizing … [Read more...]