5 Summer Events You Can Wear Your Eyelashes To

It's the most wonderful time of the year.... That's right, summer is upon us once again! And after an unforgiving winter, we are all looking forward to soaking up the sun and everything that comes with it. But we ladies know the deal: with added heat usually comes subtracted makeup. Nobody wants to clog up their face with too much in the hot summer sun, as it tends to melt off (or get splashed off at the beach!) Nonetheless, we ARE women, and we do want to look effortlessly … [Read more...]

How To: Blend Eyeshadow Properly

I see pictures like this all over the web. So do you. We, collectively, see these eyeshadow looks constantly. And our thoughts are generally, "Wow, that eyeshadow looks amazing!" But why? Why are we so impressed with what the eyes look like closed? Are you going to replicate the look and walk around with your eyes closed all day so that everyone can see the beautiful transition from brown to gold? Of course you aren't; You'd run into stuff all day! We go about our daily routines with our … [Read more...]

Strip Lashes Provide The Perfect Drama For Special Occasions!

Look at the photograph of this woman. The two sides of her face are very different. What is the difference you say? You might describe the difference by saying that, on one side, the woman looks more tired. Or on one side, her eye looks more intense. You could even say that on one side, she looks more feminine, or more inviting. However you describe it, there's no denying that the enhancement of one's eyelashes makes a world of difference. Now, at SOHO Lashes we offer two types of eyelash … [Read more...]

Why You Should Use Gleam by Melanie Mills

SOHO Lashes recently announced through Facebook that we would be adding Gleam By Melanie Mills to our collection of lines carried in the boutique. Specifically, we have chosen to start off with the Body Radiance: And after a skype chat with our helpful Gleam representative Joanna, we've compiled some reasons for why everyone can and should use the Body Radiance! First, a little about the Body Radiance. It comes in four shades: Light Gold, Rose Gold, Bronze Gold and Light Gold. It's … [Read more...]

Stop Being Scared Of Contouring!

SOHO Lashes conducts makeup lessons for any clients looking for a little one-on-one instruction for makeup technique. It's surprising how many women either never heard of contouring, or flat-out don't want to use it. The word contour scares people, I think. Here's what you probably envision when you hear it: And really, who wants to walk around all day looking drag queen-ish? As makeup artists, we commend this style of makeup because it is so transformative and creative! We are aware, … [Read more...]

Glam Glow Dubbed “Best Mask In The World”!

I'm not quite sure what it is. Perhaps it's the winter weather becoming harsher against my skin. Maybe it's the recent study a fellow SOHO Lashes makeup artist and I have taken up on how to perfect skin for film. Maybe it's the general desire I share with women across the globe for that special someone to brush my cheek and marvel at the baby smooth feel of my skin. Maybe I just want my makeup to look even more flawless for when I go out. Whatever it is, I've been paying a lot more attention … [Read more...]

Beyonce’s Surprise Visual Album Comes With A Variety Of Makeup Looks!

Ever the chameleon, Beyonce has done it again with her 5th studio album, simply titled "Beyonce". Fans and spectators alike are still picking their jaws up as the shock of the surprise album wears off. Already having sold over 800.000 copies on the third day without any prior promotion, the album has been breaking new grounds with not only 14 new songs, but 17 videos as well! And each video is vastly different from one another-- especially in the beauty departmnt! Check out Beyonce's latest … [Read more...]