SOHO Lashes Loves The Beauty Blender Pro!

 Everyone is familiar with this image. The classic pink sponge. A SOHO Lashes favorite! The original pink Beauty Blender is popular among makeup artists and it's not uncommon to see countless pink sponges glittering the makeup tables for red carpet events and fashion shows. Or at least, that's what you used to see.   Not too long ago, the creators of Beauty Blender decided that it was time for something new: They've come out with black and white versions of the classic sponge, … [Read more...]

Strip Lashes Provide The Perfect Drama For Special Occasions!

Look at the photograph of this woman. The two sides of her face are very different. What is the difference you say? You might describe the difference by saying that, on one side, the woman looks more tired. Or on one side, her eye looks more intense. You could even say that on one side, she looks more feminine, or more inviting. However you describe it, there's no denying that the enhancement of one's eyelashes makes a world of difference. Now, at SOHO Lashes we offer two types of eyelash … [Read more...]

Why You Should Use Gleam by Melanie Mills

SOHO Lashes recently announced through Facebook that we would be adding Gleam By Melanie Mills to our collection of lines carried in the boutique. Specifically, we have chosen to start off with the Body Radiance: And after a skype chat with our helpful Gleam representative Joanna, we've compiled some reasons for why everyone can and should use the Body Radiance! First, a little about the Body Radiance. It comes in four shades: Light Gold, Rose Gold, Bronze Gold and Light Gold. It's … [Read more...]

SOHO Lashes Attends Morlina Events’ “A Bridal Affair”!

This past Sunday SOHO Lashes participated in A Bridal Affair at Oceanaire Resort Hotel, hosted by Morlina Events! One of our amazing makeup artists did airbrushed bridal makeup on the models for the show, and we even gave away a complementary wedding day makeup airbrush application to one lucky bride in the audience! The show was such a blast we wanted to share the greatness with you! We hope you enjoy the sights on our blog as much as we did in person! And remember to … [Read more...]

Wedding Day Makeup: What Kind of Bride Are You?

As employees of a makeup boutique, the ladies of SOHO Lashes are always perusing the work of famed and celebrated makeup artists for our viewing pleasure and inspiration. And one such artist, simply called "Katie B", has gotten our attention in a major way! Katie B has worked all over the industry, from Playboy to the Disney Channel, but what really makes our eyes glow in adoration is her bridal work! Katie B ( has done countless brides, each one with uniquely … [Read more...]

Product Spot Light: Sara Happ’s Lip Slip & Scrub

Sara Happ's lip scrub and lip slip combine to give you wonderfully exfoliated, soft, and moisturized lips. How do we know it works? Aside from the fact that luscious lip owners like Angelina Jolie and Jessica Alba use it, we've tried it ourselves!Personally, as a beauty newbie, I'm used to my old standby: Carmex chap stick, but I couldn't help but be impressed when I felt my lips after using Sara Happ's lip scrub. You apply a decent amount (enough to cover both lips from corner to corner) and … [Read more...]

Greetings From the Lash World!

And welcome to SOHO Lashes' brand-spanking-new blog! We started this as a method of more efficiently keeping our current clients up-to-date with the goings on here at SOHO, and to (hopefully) invite some new faces to the wonderful world of lash extensions. Sure, for a night out, you could go with the old standby (lash strips), but believe us when we say that your lashes haven't lived until they've been allotted the luxury of extensions. So stay tuned! Posts coming soon! … [Read more...]