Style Essentials: Back-To-School Staples

For most of our college girls, school is already back in session. And for our younger beauty lovers, school is just around the corner! Just like with every big event, season, or holiday, the start of school brings new trends and its own set of must-haves. We decided to share with you our own list of back-to-school style essentials in makeup, skincare, hair, and fashion! Hair: Banana ClipsI know more than anyone how hard it can be to get up early for that first-thing-in-the-morning class. Often … [Read more...]

Trend Alert: Cold Weather Yields Hair Cuts!

Usually in the winter, fashion takes the wheel as men and women alike don their boldest looks! Fashion changes, makeup changes, and hair certainly changes! Many have taken the route of dying their locks a drastically different color! For several celebrities in recent weeks, bold changes came in the form of chopping off their locks! Jennifer Lawrence recently joined Pamela Anderson, Jennifer Hudson, and Kristen Chenoweth in rocking a pixie cut! Give it a few weeks and you'll see gals all over … [Read more...]