SOHO Lashes Look Book: Kristin

We recently had the pleasure of doing a makeover on Kristin, pictured below, and wanted to share with you the step-by-step process of creating her makeup look!     Kristin naturally has amazing skin, due to her faithful skincare routine that leaves her with a smooth, texture-free canvas. In spite of this, her skin was a little on the dry side, so we decided to give it the extra hydration it was craving with the Mario Badescu Moisture Magnet with SPF 17. (FYI: With the sun … [Read more...]

SOHO Lashes How-To: Buying makeup Brushes

The sight of a room full of makeup for a woman is like the sight of Disney World to a small child. All the colors, all the looks, all the possibilities! Indeed, a room full of makeup is an exciting thing to behold! Inversely, a room full of makeup brushes is a confusing thing to behold. It's not uncommon for most woman to buy brushes without really knowing what they're for. Some never make it our of the makeup store due to lack of brush knowledge. I mean, there are so many types! And … [Read more...]

Fall Makeup Trends

Now that Autumn is upon us, you'll probably notice a stark difference in fashion trends. Gone are the colorful neons and sweet pastels of the summer, replaced by a darker, more vampy look. And whenever fashion changes, it's not just your clothing that adjusts; Your makeup changes with the trends as well. Here are a few fall staples to ensure you are at your most fabulous this season! 1. Matte Gray Eyes. This trend was a big hit during fashion week, seen in shows from Marc Jacobs and … [Read more...]

Product Spotlight: Inglot 6SS Blending Brush

The ladies of SOHO Lashes are always looking for the best products and tools for our clients, and today we're focusing on the Inglot Cosmetics 6SS Blending Brush. A very important quality of a blending brush is soft, flexible bristles.  The more flexible the bristles, the easier it will be to move and blend out the product. And softness matters simply because nobody likes the feeling of this on their face:Luckily Inglot delivers in both departments with the 6SS eye brush! It is medium sized and … [Read more...]

Bright Color Trends in Summer Makeup

We've reached that season where bright oranges, hot pinks, radiant purples, bright greens, and blues of pretty much all shades take over the makeup world. The colors start sweeping in during the Spring and they get bolder and brighter as the year progresses into summer. You see it in our clothing, our nail polish, and yes, our makeup. If you're feeling a little bold this summer, you're definitely going to want makeup to match: something that packs a punch with pigment. And you need look no … [Read more...]