Stocking Stuffers For Your Beauty Lovers

  This time of the year we enjoy-- and in some cases, fret over-- the prospect of shopping for our loved ones! Sometimes it can be tricky to find the right gifts, so if you're pondering over what to get the lovely ladies in your life, we've got you covered! Here are SOHO Lashes' top five picks for the ideal stocking stuffers!   1: Beauty Blender BBF Beauty blender is a great gift any time of the year, but the uniquely adorable packaging of the BBF makes this gift perfect … [Read more...]

Glam Glow Dubbed “Best Mask In The World”!

I'm not quite sure what it is. Perhaps it's the winter weather becoming harsher against my skin. Maybe it's the recent study a fellow SOHO Lashes makeup artist and I have taken up on how to perfect skin for film. Maybe it's the general desire I share with women across the globe for that special someone to brush my cheek and marvel at the baby smooth feel of my skin. Maybe I just want my makeup to look even more flawless for when I go out. Whatever it is, I've been paying a lot more attention … [Read more...]

The Low-Down on Skincare: A Professional’s View

These days, with the power of the internet, almost anything can be found with the touch off your fingertips. Countless knowledge databases are accessible from your home. But among the reservoirs of useful knowledge, you are bound to find some swamps full of junk and myths. So when it comes to skincare, what sources can you trust? With so many myths and questionable articles online, we decided to go to the most trustworthy source on skincare: an esthetician! An esthetician, somewhat akin to a … [Read more...]