5 Ways To Protect Your Skin In The Heat

Sun rays and dry spells and heat, oh my! The summer can be a deadly time for your skin, and this summer is proving to be a scorcher! We've past the halfway point and we're heading for the home stretch to autumn, but it's not over yet! August may just be the hottest month of all, and you want to do everything you can to protect your delicate skin in these harsh conditions! 1: Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!! Especially if you live in a naturally dry area (West Coast, we're looking at … [Read more...]

How To: Fight the Physical Side Effects of Being Sick

Cold weather got you down? Well no worries; You're not alone! I can't help but notice that everyone around me (myself included) has been dropping like flies, struck by the flu or some stomach virus or even just a bad common cold. Well aside from taking your vitamins and getting plenty of shut-eye, I have a few tips on overcoming the negative effects that these ailments can lead to! This is my guide on how to go from zombie to hottie! First thing's first: OJ. Not only is the Vitamin C in … [Read more...]